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Personal Brand Leadership Articles

Your team’s success breeds company success

By Jon-Michail How well does your manager support and encourage you to be the best you can? Have you been encouraged to reach goals that may have first seemed impossible? In today’s technology-driven business world, that’s exactly what your manager should be doing,...

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Personal Branding and Your Relationships

Cultivating an image of success will ultimately attract success. In other, words, you attract what you present. If you want to be the part, look and act the part. There’s a reason why actors turn up to auditions dressed as the character they’re hoping to play!...

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2016 is Here… Renovate Yourself!

I have worked out with wonderful trainers for the last 20 years, but found that with the longer work hours each day that allowed me to leave the city on Thursday night I had no time for a one hour-training session.  I found a trainer in the country, but some house...

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Building your personal brand in the Asian market

By Jon Michail Most sustainable relationships between Australia and Asia are primarily based on interactions and associations. Therefore it is important to have a credible personal brand for instant impact. There are three components in building a credible personal...

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