Building a Powerful Personal Brand on Linkedin.

Personal branding on Linkedin is one of the essential aspects that fuels the brand identity in connected-networking. Today’s reality is how we can optimize our personal brand for a fraction of what it used to be in the past.

Creating a profile reflecting your strengths and accomplishments on Linkedin takes great finesse; adding up your talents and highlighting your image along with it can be a winning combination.

Linkedin is a platform where you project yourself as a brand with your skills, values, and experience as the critical sellable product. 

 In describing LinkedIn, Peter Thiel, internet entrepreneur, and venture capitalist said,

 “It’s not been as spectacular as Facebook, nor quite as overnight as Groupon or Zynga or Twitter, and it’s the least glamorous of the five big new internet companies of the last decade. But it has the clearest core value of helping people connect with people, mainly to get jobs. It’s probably in some sense the most underrated because of that.”

Tips To Build A Powerful Brand Image:

This article will provide you with ways to build a solid profile to promote your brand on Linkedin. Use these tips to build a Powerful Brand Image Development and to reach a wider audience than you have ever thought. Let’s get started!

  • Make Your Linkedin Profile Pop:

A little effort of adding a confident and welcoming profile picture with a background image emphasizing your brand on Linkedin can create a relatable image and send the right message across. Choosing the right profile picture can add up to “21 times more profile views and nine times more connection requests.

More impact can be created by adding two recent job positions with clearly defined roles and responsibilities along with your unique perspective to connect with your audience. You must continually define and promote your brand to keep it vibrant and to stand out.

  • Connect and Grow:

Personal Branding is all about making meaningful connections, and that’s what these platforms offer. To strengthen global ties, stay active, and keep expanding.

Build your network strategically on Linkedin, around former colleagues, friends, industry leaders, etc. Linkedin allows you to send messages directly in and out of your network bypassing the “gatekeepers” which enables an individual to communicate on a more personal level. The platform has the capability to give you visibility further than your own network making it easier to connect with a wider group of people and amplify yourself on a larger scale.

  • Engage and Publish Valuable Content:

Linkedin offers multiple sources to engage with different channels, which reflect in your feed too. You can also provide information via valuable content strategy, like publishing a good 10-12 minutes reading of the material. This will help strengthen your professional profile and personal brand, generating more credibility with your contacts, like Free- checklists or worksheets, Live webinars. On-demand content based on current situational scenarios, webinars, Free consultations etc.

“Establish yourself as being an expert in the niche or, even better- a “micro-niche.” 

Jon Michail.

 To further boost your visibility, add the industry influencers you respect to your post.

  • Utilize Linkedin Pulse:

To make the most of the Linkedin profile; advertise your brand to an extended professionally known audience, Linkedin Pulse is a plus. It’s a news app that helps you keep track of Linkedin influencers and insights from top leaders, ranked by engagement and most widely read content. Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Jill Schlesinger are leading the list. Customize your feed, invest the time in yourself by designing and streamlining the feed to highlight yourself in the hive.

  •  Share a Slideshare Profile:

An online Linkedin tool hosting service acquired by Linkedin in 2012. helps users upload files publicly in multiple formats, such as PDF and open doc presentation etc. Highlights the valuable content you’ve produced, enabling the targeted audience, and boosting your profile brand. 20% of users come to SlideShare directly from Google, receiving 5 times more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

Steve Forbes


Linkedin pages and tools are an imaginative play for people trying to expand their personal brand on social media. Further helping you engage followers with content and generate robust lead opportunities.

Communicate your career identity to the world in a strategic way to stand out, as there is quite a crowd out there competing for recognition. JOIN US FOR AN EXPERT ADVICE.