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  • We are Personal Branding Experts with an Integrated Online and Offline Approach
  • Corporate and Business Branding
  • Linkedin and Social Media Profile Building
  • We service all of Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Monetising Your Brand Image

Brands aren’t built by businesses in order to create something that looks “pretty”. Businesses invest in brand building to grow their corporate value. Individuals do similar to grow and monetise their personal value. They all want to know the straightest path to accelerate their brand “asset” and add value to it.

However, businesses and individuals can often move too quickly in the wrong direction. Specifically, we see this in the web space. Imagine if Facebook had focused on an advertising revenue model soon after its creation instead of focusing on growing its database to 1.5 billion plus of monthly users ? It wouldn’t have the multi-billion dollar valuation it has today.

It’s similar for individuals – they also need a clear plan before they start their journey

Image Group International are the personal branding specialists who help you find a balance. How do you accelerate and monetise your personal or corporate brand image without rushing through the process and thereby under leveraging it?

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Independent Research on Personal Branding

Low Self Confidence is hurting Managers as found in the largest ever Personal Branding Survey released by Australian Institute of Management and Image Group International.

As Australian business people face increased work pressures because of the softening economy, a survey has found many managers and leaders lack confidence in their personal brand.

The survey by the Australian Institute of Management VT and Image Group International found that 38 percent of Australian business people rated their personal brand as average or worse than average. Just five percent of survey participants said their personal brand was excellent.