In the modern age, personal branding has become far more important than anyone would have imagined. Through personal branding, you establish such a strong connection with the public that it does wonders to your company’s success. Tesla is not Tesla without Elon Musk. The same goes with other brands like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft because these entrepreneurs have glued themselves with their companies, look at the outdoor tv mounts company and the growth with their product. Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, or any other influencer, keeps alive their flagship initiatives, largely relying on presenting their personalities as the prototype. So, the company or product becomes a manifestation of the person itself.

Elon Musk hosted “Saturday Night Live” recently.

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Although the Tesla CEO’s performance received mixed reviews from the press, his appearance on a live tv show aided his personal branding tremendously. His physical presence in the show was a watershed moment in the future of his brand because it helped him distinguish himself from other entrepreneurs who are unable to communicate emotionally in the same way he did. He is a real visionary and knows how to be close to the public. Just a small percentage of super-successful entrepreneurs are willing to be open and transparent to interact with people. Strong public relations is something that takes him a level above his competitors.


Musk; The Revolutionist of Social Branding

Elon Musk has revolutionized reputation management, and his desire to connect with the people helped him a lot in this regard. He is a master communicator and has much authenticity. People want to listen to him and want to know more about him. He never shies away from sharing his thoughts with the audience, and it enables him to create a strong bond with them. Musk has perfected the art of social interaction, particularly given his ability to spar or react to common people on social media in a modern digital age where the ordinary citizen could not historically engage firsthand with a corporate CEO on Musk’s level.

Musk knows the importance of being socially active. He keeps himself engaged on different social media platforms. He is street smart and knows how to win over the audience. The fact that a single tweet of him can change the fate of other companies could not more emphasize his status as a huge social media influencer. He recently tweeted about accepting Bitcoin as a payment source for his company’s cars, and the value of Bitcoin skyrocketed to its all-time highest within a few hours of the tweet.

Similarly, when he expressed his concerns about global warming related to crypto mining, the prices of all cryptocurrencies took a hit. All of this was possible due to his public image. Musk has given a new meaning to image development.

We live in a world where big brands’ popularity is determined by well-executed marketing campaigns, well-considered slogans, and amusing, heart-warming advertising. Companies spend millions of dollars on global publicity campaigns. Elon Musk has created international brands through good public relations and unorthodox approaches rather than outdated media tricks. 


World’s Leading Anti-Marketing Marketer

Elon Musk's Companies
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Elon Musk is the leading anti-marketing marketer in history. Musk’s foresight allows him to look beyond traditional rigid advertising tactics. He is a visionary not limited by conventional marketing strategies. He relies on successful anti-marketing techniques like sarcasm and reverses psychology to attract customers. This strategy of his gives a breath of fresh air to an overly saturated and at times suspicious consumer marketing world.

Musk realizes that in our new nontraditional techno-digital world, traditional marketing is going to become obsolete. He himself is the biggest advertiser for his company, Tesla. By showing the world that successful personal branding can lead to being the biggest marketer for business, Musk has given people a new and highly efficient nontraditional way of advertising. He is an expert at using public relations and modern social media to shape public perceptions of the Tesla brand.

He also creates interest in Tesla through his other activities. He’s a natural at using Brand Journalism to communicate marketing messages. Any stock picking service will confirm that he is a natural at getting Tesla to our attention without investing a dime by using today’s media and messaging with creativity, ability, and strength.

Musk knows how to engage people. He knows how to strengthen his brand in ways that arouse people’s interest, whether by space or by addressing firmly held ideals for young people, such as recycling and a carbon-free future. This genius wisely chooses the topics to talk about that will attract the audience’s interest. He wins people’s trust by remaining true and authentic. He advocates such a passionate and zealous vision that others can’t help but be enthralled by it. When you’re  in a rut,  Musk gives you something to look forward to, including the stars.

The success story of Musk and his company is known to all. Even on the brink of bankruptcy, following two consecutive failed missions to launch a space shuttle, he did not give up. He stood firm to achieve his dream. This is why people love him and get inspired by him. Musk is a role model for people who aspire to do big things. Time and again, he has shown that he is in a league of his own. He has demonstrated that by improving your personal profile, you can achieve unimaginable success. Musk has once again created an intriguing model for other front-facing CEOs to follow as they attempt to catch the attention of consumers whose available time is becoming increasingly limited. 

Musk’s appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live was a win-win situation for both parties. The knives have been out for ‘SNL,’ and they’ve been dying a slow, merciless death in terms of engaging with younger people for quite some time. With Elon Musk’s appearance, the show benefitted from viewership and bridging the gap between themselves and the youngsters. On the other hand, Musk further strengthened his already sturdy personal profile.




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