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12 Steps to Optimise your Personal and Business Brand

By Jon Michail   Will you reach a million people this year? Or maybe ten million? Is the thought of all that advertising just too painful to dwell on? The reality is you can now optimise your brand for a fraction of what it cost twenty years ago. Remember how you...

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Empower your employees to become brand ambassadors

By Jon-Michail It’s incredibly important for companies to have an online presence, even if it sounds like stating the obvious in 2016. When most people first began making use of the internet, it was primarily a research tool and a means of data collection and...

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Why Branding Works

By Jon Michail I admit my bias, I am an image maker and yes it’s part of what I do, however you can’t escape it. Even if you travel to a desert island to get away from it all, the plane that dropped you off has it. Look inside your bag. Your sunscreen has it, your...

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Should Branding Begin At Birth?

By Marian Salzman | Forbes I’ve written extensively about brands—personal brands, community brands, conference brands and so on. But I’m certainly not alone. This era is widely regarded as the age of the brand. A forum on TED Conversations tackled this topic a few...

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