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Celebrity Branding Articles

IGI IN THE NEWS: How Exercise Wear Impacts Performance

What do you wear when you exercise? Active wear has an effect on your mental and physical sports performance, Jon Michail, CEO of Image Group International, told The New Daily. “For elite athletes and weekend warriors alike donning a sports team uniform, or the latest...

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Breaking Bad Habits—A Coach’s Role

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the things that hold us back are the most insignificant? Often it’s our mentality or fear of something that is obstructing us from achieving our goals and not the obstruction itself? I’m reminded of the case of circus elephants,...

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You’re a Celebrity Rockstar Too

By Jon Michail Sometimes the sky’s not your limit. You’re not looking to become a Hollywood star. You simply have to be The One in your field of expertise and even more so if your talents warrant it. What could be more satisfying – and ultimately more rewarding – than...

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Lessons from Lady Gaga – The Brand

By Jon Michail Lady Gaga, for those who haven’t already realised, is a branding genius. Her ability and desire to constantly interact with her fans via Twitter takes her streets ahead of those recording artists who haven’t yet mastered the art of massaging social...

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Should Branding Begin At Birth?

By Marian Salzman | Forbes I’ve written extensively about brands—personal brands, community brands, conference brands and so on. But I’m certainly not alone. This era is widely regarded as the age of the brand. A forum on TED Conversations tackled this topic a...

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