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Australian Sport Articles

Dress Code For the Australian Grand Prix: IGI Advice Series

Not sure what is appropriate to wear for next year's Formula 1 race in Melbourne? We’ve assembled a quick and helpful Australian Grand Prix dress-to-impress guide for you. If you are already familiar with the horse race dress codes from our previous IGI Advice Series...

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Madison de Rozario’s perfect attitude

Is there any such thing as ‘the perfect body’? The women’s magazines, the fashion industry, the diet and exercise brigade would certainly argue that yes, the perfect body exists and could be ours if we only... (women - insert unrealistic expectation here.) But...

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IGI IN THE NEWS: How Exercise Wear Impacts Performance

What do you wear when you exercise? Active wear has an effect on your mental and physical sports performance, Jon Michail, CEO of Image Group International, told The New Daily. “For elite athletes and weekend warriors alike donning a sports team uniform, or the latest...

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