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Online Branding Articles

3 Entrepreneurial Tips from Randi Zuckerberg

By Jon Michail Last week, I had the privilege to be in the company of Randi Zuckerberg, ex. Director of Marketing at Facebook and sister of the famous Mark. During a Q & A for the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) in conjunction with Melbourne Business School (MBS),...

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Cyberspace Perceptions and Links to the Real World

By Jon Michail The online world has been seen, ever since it’s inception and subsequent growth, as a place radically withdrawn from the realities of real life — an idea that with recent developments in cyber-psychology, seems to have at least in some part, been proven...

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BEWARE: Fake personal brands – online

By Jon Michail Do you tell falsehoods? Have you ever been tempted to exaggerate just a tiny bit on your webpage, your LinkedIn account or your Twitter or Facebook profiles? And if you have, do you even care that your family and close friends know that you are a...

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Promoting Richard’s Virgin Brand

By Jon-Michail Richard Branson has it all; money, power, influence and a love of life. He is the unabashed public face of his company and brand ambassadors like him are known to do more than just smile for the cameras. For instance, his high profile visits to India...

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