Workplace Reputation can be flawed. It relies on perception. As a result, reputation and perception changes every time we meet a new combination of people.

You can be in a room meeting six introverts but, you might leave the meeting feeling like the chattiest person in the room, even if you’re slightly more social. The way people see us and how you see your self always changes with different groups.

We’ve all experienced situations in the workplace where our best intentions we’re not received, as we had intended. In the workplace, you can be as authentic as you want to be, but if people aren’t ready to hear your story, then your story can be misinterpreted and used the wrong way against you.

Business reputation management can be tough but, there are a few ways to build a stronger and more positive workplace reputation.

How Workplace Reputation Works

Reputation is really an external image of how you are perceived. This is where your personal image, your personal brand, are all part of that sort of equals reputation. =So it doesn’t necessarily mean, you know that that’s true. But that’s the way you are perceived.

The beautiful thing about perception is if you don’t like the perception, you can change it. It’s not the end of the road but, it does takes some work.

Your personality can impact your reputation. Your character is the internal aspect of your reputation. This is much harder for people to perceive unless they’ve spent time with you. If you’re unstable, haphazard or you don’t keep your word, people will notice eventually. This will have an 100% impact on your reputation.

Share Knowledge

Add value to people’s lives. Whether it’s a conversation between friends and family or a workplace meeting, add value. Share something that requires innovation, creativity, anything that’s going to advance the conversation.

Of course, a lot of workplaces today have become politically correct in the past few years, that people can’t even speak freely anymore. So, it’s all it becomes totally inauthentic, very fake.

Many times leaders are ready to get to the end of the work week. This is not the way to go. Make sure to contribute and add value. If you don’t your own value and workplace reputation drops dramatically, especially in the entrepreneurial world.

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Add Value to Your Colleagues and Clients

Share knowledge. Share it, inspire and help your colleagues and your clients always. Help them get better. Do it on a daily basis. especially in these times where emotions and mental health can get out of control.

The little things could make a huge image. offereing to refer them to another client can be ghreatly apprecieted by other. Open doors, possibilities and opportunities for them. share knowledge and help people.

Ask For Feedback

This is crucial. Nowadays, asking for feedback in a political environment is a dangerous game to play. People are too afraid to say anything. Theres so much politics that goes around in corporate settings. That asking for feedback in a political environment is going to be a waste of time.

So ask for feedback from someone you trust, like and respect. Tell them that you won’t be upset, you want to hear it and improve. That way the feedback can be 100% authentic and honest. If you truly want to get better, make sure you allow them to give you the cold hard truth.

Stay Consistent in What You Do and Who You Are

Stay congruent. If you say one thing, and your actions indicate otherwise, you’re going to be in trouble. Politicians may be the only people that can get away with incongruency. During elections, they promise the world one thing, and do the other.  

There’s a clear difference between them and you. In the workplace, incongruency will be your downfall in the long-term. No one’s going to respect you, no one’s going to trust you, and of course, the likeness will drop dramatically.

Be consistent and be congruent. Staying congruent means being consistent with the way you present yourself, communicate and behave.

Always stay professional branding expert. Just because you’ve got a job or position, don’t get cocky to think that you can do whatever you want. There’s no need to start slacking off. By being consistent, by putting in action, it’s going to have a positive effect on your workplace reputation in the long run.

The Big Tip

You get to choose what you want to share.

If what you’re sharing is really a waste of time, or certainly doesn’t add value to anyone’s life, why would you share it? If you’re going to share something, make sure it’s valued for you and for them.             

It is common for people to misunderstand their intentions and make judgments about us. And especially at work, but having said that, you know, it could happen anywhere.

We often share all sorts of stuff in the workplace with colleagues. It might be relationship issues, personal issues, or even illegal activities like drugs. It might seem harmless at the moment but, people will use it against you if the time comes. So you don’t want to give people the ammunition. Some things will come back to bite you.

The point is: you don’t need to share everything about your life. And in a world, where it’s supposed to be transparent. Some things just don’t matter.

Workplace Reputation is Essential

Your workplace reputation management is essential to your business career and its success.

If you’re going to climb the ladder: pick up new positions, pick up greater work, work that you love. You need to have the respect that allows you to gain new opportunities and grow dramatically in your career. If your reputation shines, if it gains trust and authenticity, you will be able to attract new customers and new employees. Stakeholders are willing to put their all into businesses with stronger workplace reputations.


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