Not sure what is appropriate to wear for next year’s Formula 1 race in Melbourne? We’ve assembled a quick and helpful Australian Grand Prix dress-to-impress guide for you. If you are already familiar with the horse race dress codes from our previous IGI Advice Series dedicated to the Melbourne Cup, you may find some common elements, including the fun statement hats.

Plan Your F1 Attire According to the Weather Forecast

When attending an F1 race, let the weather forecast inspire some of your attire. Next year’s much-anticipated Australian Grand Prix will take place in Melbourne, at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, between the 7th and 10th of April.  Look up the average temperatures in Melbourne during that time of the year and plan your outfits and accessories accordingly. Last year, during the Grand Prix held in Belgium, the heavy rain forced the race to end less than 4 minutes after it started. Needless to say, it is essential to pack some waterproof shoes, a raincoat, an umbrella, and why not, a nice poncho to protect you from potentially harsh weather conditions.  Take into account that while the F1 Grand Prix race lasts for only two hours, the entire event will spread across three full days. In other words, get ready to expose yourself to three days of weather subject to change from one hour to the next.

Dress According to Your F1 Ticket Package

Aussie F1 event attire

The ticket package you will purchase will let you know exactly where you will be sitting, the areas and events you will be allowed to access, or the size of the marquee or sunshade that should protect you from the elements during the racing sessions. It will also give you an idea of what to wear:

1. How to Dress for the Basic Ticket Package

For a basic ticket package, you will be seated either in the general seating or the grandstand. You will not be given access to additional areas of the track or grounds. Your protection from the weather will also be at a minimum.  The right attire here would consist of comfortable footwear to support long walking sessions, a protective hat, some chic sunglasses, and comfortable clothes that will allow your skin to breathe. Basically, something you would wear while engaging in a relaxed gaming session at your favourite online casinos from the comfort of your home.  While the clothing can be comfortable, it should also be neat, preferably in the colours of your favourite team or a new Aussie F1 driver you plan on supporting during the race. If you will be entering official track areas or the racing grounds, you will need to wear a different, neutral attire that does not support any of the participating teams, as this is strictly forbidden.

2. How to Dress for the Upgraded Ticket Package

If you plan on purchasing an intermediate package, you will get more access to partially restricted track and race ground areas. Your seating will be better, but your attire should be somehow similar to the one for basic ticket holders. Avoid wearing any clothes with team logos on them. Pack some blazers and pantsuits and prepare some layered outfits for sudden weather changes. Melbourne is known for being warm one second and cold the next, so packing an extra jacket and shirt should also help.

3. How to Dress for the Superior/VIP Ticket Package

Buying a high-end package means getting ready to wear some more extravagant outfits, similar to the casino dress codes you would normally wear in the VIP section. Get ready for almost unrestricted access to the best areas and events, including events held before and after the races, driver’s areas, and exclusive viewing areas. Adopt the smart or the smart-casual attire and focus on the semi-formal style. Feel free to play around with a plethora of colours for your shirts and do not hesitate to wear ties with interesting patterns or statement hats.  Men can adopt a clean and stylish attire with high tops, T-shirts, sneakers/loafers, blazers, and chinos. Women can choose something between street attire and the high-end style that would normally be part of the Melbourne Cup horse race dress code.

Other Aussie Sporting Event Dress Codes

Ladies attending the races at the Royal Randwick & Rosehill Gardens track are required to oblige with the regulations of the Members Reserve. This means they are not allowed to wear a variety of clothing articles, including sports shoes, runners, slippers, jeans, untailored pants, ripper clothes, leggings, parkas, or windbreakers. In General Admission, men are not required to follow a formal dress code. However, they are advised to opt for smart attire dress with buttoned shirts with collars, pants, and suit jackets.

The perfect attire for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament should feature clothing with simple styling, including tailored shorts, silk tanks, clothes made from breathable cotton, and lots of linen to fight off the scorching heat. Choose the smart casual style as you can’t go wrong with it.

Final Thoughts

The next Grand Prix will be held in Melbourne, which is not only Australia’s style capital but also a city with unpredictable weather, to say the least. Don’t let anything take you by surprise and constantly check the weather forecast while preparing your outfits. Be ready for the call “Start your engines“.