According to Zig Ziglar, a well-known American author and seminar presenter, “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude,” which means having a positive attitude, and a high mindset is a significantly more effective way of living than seeing non-achievable things. Attitude is everything.

Have a positive attitude

An individual’s attitude is more important than their skill, privilege, intelligence, and even formal education. Harvard and Stanford have stated that 85% of the reasons a student gets a job and continues in that job are because of their attitude, and only 15% because of any technical or specific skills. This, however, does not mean that getting a piece of paper will help cruise through life. It will only work if one dares to take risks to look at things from a different possibility, or perspective. A research study conducted by the Stanford Research Institute and Carnegie Mellon Foundation showed a strong correlation between the right attitude and long-term job success.

A good attitude is genuinely attractive, and it attracts everything around it. Having a joyful attitude is a must if one wants to attract opportunities. Relations and relational skills are an essential part of growing tracked opportunities, including romantic partners, business partners, finance, investment, sales, customers, and so forth.

Give out positive energy

One of the most important skill sets a leader can possess is the ability to set a positive and self-confident tone, radiating an attitude that guarantees that their team will win, no matter what. This, however, does not remove the possibility of failure, but irrespective of the possibility, one needs to give it their best shot, which can only happen if they are coming from a good place, a place of positivity and a joyful attitude. This approach to leadership, rooted in optimism and positivity, is crucial not only for team success but also for effective reputation management.

A great scientist, Alexander sojourn Knutson has said the physiology of optimism indicates aspects of health and long-term vitality. A study by Steven James called the subjective non-scientific guide to illness and health is another example of that. Attitude will impact one’s health and everything interrelates to mind, body, and spirit; the body does not get sick by itself. On a day filled with negativity and a bad attitude, people usually end up with a headache, migraine, heart palpitations, and so forth. And what’s important about that is how we view life, and our attitude around that will impact all aspects of our life.

Attitude is everything

Practice positive self-talk and a grateful attitude

The next tip is to practice positive self-talk. When you know whatever you aim to achieve, make it a positive experience. And that means, don’t say anything to yourself, that you wouldn’t say to anyone else. Start being grateful for what you’ve got doesn’t matter what it is; what happens is, when you practise gratitude in your life, in your self-talk, what that does is attract different energy to you. Be grateful to yourself. Talk with whatever you’ve got right now. What that means is that you are accepting what you have got, and you’re taking them on board that this is part of the course, on your journey. And whatever you’ve got now, it’s something you need, even if you’re going through major financial stresses, relational stresses, and any other form of stressors. Just be really, really grateful. Gratitude opens up new possibilities.

There is no need to keep beating ourselves up to a point where we are feeling down and out. At your workplace, when you have authentic conversations with your team members, where you sit down and have open conversations. At that moment, you are both coaching and mentoring each other, and it is coming from a space of real care and love. You might have a different approach for some issues, and every individual will have a different approach. But if this is not treated from an unfamiliar perspective, especially your team members, it will fester and worsen.

Have an Authentic attitude

Authenticity is the key here. It’s how you do it. And you will not do it if you’ve got no trust, and you’ve got no respect. People aren’t just going to listen at all. It is important that you are authentic and open your heart when doing this. There is a risk in being authentic, but there’s a risk in everything, every morning when you get out of bed to face the world. Look, we’re talking about simple human aspects here that people specifically might need a little help with things, but if they have been told every day, everything’s good, everything’s great. And then the assessments come regarding who’s performing well, and who’s not, and they get sacked. They are going to ask what happened.

A lot of good people get burned because stuff is going on in their lives, their energy, their emotions, were a little all over the place, and no one dared to tell them, to share with them, to sit down with them put an arm around the back, of course, you’re not allowed to do that anymore, right? You can’t change what we can’t change; all we can do is to be who we’re going to be. Soft leadership comes into play here.

Be a leader

And the last tip is to be an emotional regulator in the workplace. Now, that doesn’t mean that one has to sort of jump in to try to keep everything under control. If they are a leader, leadership starts with self-leadership, for example, the family and parents. In a business, this is also the leader’s responsibility. If they are there to keep the place in order, it starts from the top; it starts with leadership. Self-leadership starts with all of us individually. The key here is that without the right attitude, without the right attitude, all sorts of things happen, and we don’t normally equate them with attitude.

While studying human behaviour and the whys of the past, you can understand why age-old wisdom is called age-old. It is for a reason. Because it has lasted eons. It has lasted for 1000s of years. You already got the answers. Sometimes you’re not willing to look at those answers as those responses to yourself. And you’re plodding along hoping that will go away, nothing goes away unless you do something about it. As a corporate image consultant, you must be aware of the significance of maintaining the right attitude in leadership and self-leadership.

And that’s also part of the attitude.


Understanding these more important types will help you see things more clearly from the perspective of getting to where you want to be and help you think objectively.
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