By Jon-Michail

You know you have all the skills and capabilities required for your job, but sometimes you need just a little extra help and guidance to help you along the corporate track. Who will you ask?

It would be simple if you were an athlete – you’d ask the coach. If you were wanting to get fit, you’d look for a personal trainer. But what you really need is corporate guidance and motivation, an experienced guide to give you unbiased and objective support.

But isn’t this an expensive option? Couldn’t I just find a mentor within the company?

You could. But look at it this way. Executive business coaching is a chance to develop your own personal growth via an unbiased approach. When you understand this, the benefits become clear. Every client is important to the executive business coach, no matter whether you decide on one to one executive coaching or interactive group workshops or phone-coaching. You select the level of guidance you need.


When should I start talking to an executive business coach?

There is no ‘right’ time, just as there is no ‘wrong’ time. Perhaps you feel you’ve become stale and disengaged with your present position, or maybe you are failing or struggling under work pressure. Your coach will identify the obstacles that are holding you back and find ways to get around them. The sooner you start to make changes, the longer you have to ease the pressures and get back up again.

What are the benefits of talking to an executive business coach?

Many people go through their working life without thinking about executive business coaching. Then too late, they see the opportunities they have lost. The lack of appropriate training and mentoring has preventing them from making the most of their position within their company or from using it as a springboard for further success. Coaching provides people with an overview of their whole life instead of just their work life, and so they can see where personal balance is missing. Working with their coach, they can work to remove barriers and expand their life.

What are the most common goals of people who use an executive business coach?

Executive business coaches and companies see many people after a career change or perhaps a financial crisis. Another trigger is a turning point in life or illness. Often they know it is time for a new career. Occasionally an important relationship within the company has broken down and things simply have to change. An example of this is that you may feel the need specifically for leadership training in order to equip you with increased self-awareness and the ability to take your new learning back into the workplace.

What are some of the other ways you can help clients?

We help clients to connect to their personal values and to add deeper personal satisfaction and balance to all areas of their life. We help you to identify the problems that hinder your life balance, to discover new perspectives, select satisfying goals and find ways to bring back balance and health. We will help you to plan a long-term career strategy.

An executive business coach has your best interests as their priority, and will help to steer your career through the good and the difficult times. They will not do your work for you, but they will encourage you repeatedly to achieve the best for yourself, first and foremost, with relative timelines.

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