Gavin Lower, Editor, StartupSmart | 10 January 2014

Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao became an internet sensation recently after pictures of his business card listing his attributes, including “Most Influential Person in China”, went viral.

Other qualities spruiked on the card included: Most Prominent Philanthropist of China, China Moral Leader, and China Earthquake Rescue Hero.

But for the entrepreneur or anyone starting up their own business, image experts don’t recommend you try it yourself as the best way to have your information on hand is to get your business card and brochure printing in Perth for potential customers. They’re regarded as essential tools in business networking.

“In the West in general it would be regarded as wanky and in the East it would be regarded as a loss of face,” says Jon Michail, chief executive of Image Group International.

He says the swapping of business cards is still an important part of protocol and etiquette in business circles, describing it as a ritual exchange of information.

If you offer a card but don’t receive one in return, it can leave you walking away feeling empty, Michail says.

He says the exchange of business cards in Asia is especially ingrained in business circles where it reflects respect and honour.

Michail who is known to sometimes write for business card sites like says the effort you put into your business card will reflect on the image you’re seeking to project.

“If you give out a flimsy business card, the psychological impression is lightweight.”

So what should you include on a business card? Here are Michail and Nesci’s suggestions:

  1. Your name, company name and position title
  2. The company’s logo, if it has one
  3. Contact details, including phone number, email, website, social media and a postal address
  4. Consider the quality of the business card material
  5. It should be memorable in some way

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