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President Barack Obama has many important issues at hand and it seems his choice of a tan suit last week during a press conference was the least of his problems, even if it was the wrong choice.

The real challenges he faces in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine are beyond the faux pas of a suit colouring.

During times of leadership, dress plays an even more important role than otherwise, therefore his choice of colour may not be the be all and end all, but it certainly makes an impact if you like it or not.

My guess an an image strategist would be that it was an intentional tactic and possibly designed to distract everyone from the real issues at hand.

It certainly did that for a brief moment, but changed nothing in reference to his current challenges at home and abroad.

The question I propose is, does the President look like a leader… better in the dark navy suit or the lighter tan?

In times when the world is screaming for leadership, does the colour of your suit choice make a difference – You Decide!

Barack Obama - Before and After - Navy Suit and Tan Suit

President Barack Obama wearing a navy suit and a tan suit.
Which one looks more powerful?

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