Creating your new possibility…

By Jon Michail

The old rules of business are not as applicable as they once were.

The world of business is constantly evolving, and the old rules of business are not as applicable as they once were. The rules are subject to the environment that business finds itself existing in, and are subject to the changing needs and requirements of the individuals that conduct it. You may find yourself lost and confused; disillusioned by the old dynamics and principles that dominated the game previously, and uncomfortable with the notion that your demands may not be conducive to a thriving and longevous business life.

There’s good news, and you may find it as a shock, perhaps even too good to be true, but the old ways of doing things are often not only unnecessary, but may also be detrimental, unproductive and damaging to your spirit. All rules that govern human beings are man made, “made up out of nothing” and in this context the new rules that govern the world of business also empower you to create your own rules and live out the life you desire, without having to sacrifice beyond the point of personal happiness and fulfilment. No longer are you forced into a constrictive state of stress and anxiety, (again man made) with the mounting responsibilities of conventional wisdom burdening you with tiring and tedious tasks, actions, fetes, and mechanisms.

Let’s start by addressing the idea that you must be an expert on everything, and that in order to have a healthy and vibrant business, you must be a micromanaging puppeteer with the knowledge of a thousand specialists combined. In my experience being in all places at once and a master of all trades is totally and utterly impossible, and the old adage of the stressed out businessperson or entrepreneur with all of the weight on their shoulders is a direct result of this flawed and disastrous logic. If you are an entrepreneur, you must concentrate on making business decisions, and leave the technical aspects like that of IT service to the professionals from IT Support Elk Grove Village. That is how you can run a successful business.

For eons business people and entrepreneurs have felt obliged to take on the role as supreme commander of their operation; owning a job, instead of creating a business that supports a great life. It’s high time that this idea is put to rest, and with it, the debilitating ramifications it has caused. There’s no shame in seeking out the assistance of highly qualified and able minded individuals to do the work that you are less equipped to do, for you, and leveraging your time and resources – thinking otherwise is simply adding unnecessary hassle to the already demanding task of running a business.

Learning specialised skills and abilities is time consuming, and takes you away from other, more important and imperative tasks and duties that can otherwise benefit immensely from your attention. Work with someone who already knows these things, so you can dedicate your energy to your real passions — the things you are in business for in the first place. Creating and operating a thriving business means freedom and liberty to put time and effort into the things you love, be it your family, community or heaven forbid ….yourself! Having an individual with the mastery in delivering and working with you that ensures you aren’t tied down to a business like an anchor to a ship.

“You are the CEO of ME Unlimited!.”

Life is too short to become an expert at everything. Ask yourself: how many years do I have left on this planet, and would I rather dedicate them to the things and people I love, or the things and people I don’t? The old rules are out, left obsolete by the changing winds, and there’s no reason to accept this as your fate any longer you are the CEO of ME Unlimited!. There’s a new way, a better way, and you won’t ever have to look back again, so throw out the rule book of old, and start fresh, on your terms,. Why waste another minute when you can make every single minute count?

Remember the clock is ticking… Lets’ create a new possibility.

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Before you leap

Jon Michail is Group CEO of Image Group International, an award winning author and recognised as Australasia’s No 1 image coach. Image Group International supports executives, entrepreneurs and their organisations to become iconic and monetised leadership brands.
He is a regular commentator in international media organsations ABC, CNN, NBC, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Success, The Financial Review and Vogue.