Success in authentic personal branding is based on you being the real you, trusted, keeping your word, and delivering on your promise.

As humans, we crave three basic things. Safety, Belonging, Mattering – as per Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 

Safety of our being. A sense of being belonged and a feeling of being mattered to the world. 

The question is, why do we crave them?

If you think about it, there are probably times when you decide you want to feel safe, there are times when you choose because you want to feel like you belong with a group or community, and there are times when you decide because you want to feel like your life has value and purpose.

Now, these needs have gone digital in the past two decades and have sped up in 2022. 

The emerging technology is creating a blur between our personal and professional lives, and one of the best ways to gain authoritative visibility in your industry is through your personal brand. 

So as an influential leader and as a human, you must recognize the need for safety, belonging, or mattering; that is important to the people you want to target and then direct your drive in that way.

Changing Course of Communication: 

The most successful brands will be those who have not only acted to shape themselves with the technologies of tomorrow but done so in a way that builds trust with their existing and future audience. And here there’s why: as technological advancements become a part of our everyday lives, your consumers are going to expect the brands they’ve grown to know and love to deliver an enriched experience.

“Your personal self-worth and value increase when you go beyond searching to solely acquire personal fame and fortune.” – Jon Michail

While everything about building a personal brand in 2022 can seem overwhelming, ever since the world wide web took over, it’s relatively easy to connect with your people.

These are the areas to focus on if you want to strategically invest in your personal brand, and the best way to do it is the place your audience spends most of their time. SOCIAL MEDIA.

Rise of Social Media

Social Media is NOT personal branding. It’s a platform to leverage and “pitch” your personal brand.

In 2022 if you are still thinking about having big cold calling teams, sending cold emails to seek attention, and chasing after your ideal clients like past times, then you are not leveraging the platforms which can not only bring clients to your doorstep but also provide a personal amplification like never before. 

Would that be a little more alarming to say YOU are already a bit too late? 

Yes, the technology has evolved beyond our control, as Mark Zuckerburg also admits to not knowing what Facebook now re-named Meta will eventually become. This only indicates even the people behind the technology were unaware; imagine where you will stand in the next 12 months, let alone five years.  

If you’re a leader, building trust among consumers knowing what their needs are, is how you will connect. So, by establishing a reputation management online personal brand on social media, you can become more visible, reachable, and connected.

It is said and proven that 82% of customers are more likely to follow and trust a company whose CEO and team members engage on social media. So, to say, leaders who leverage social media are better equipped to lead companies in the web 2.0 world and even the 3.0 world – is fair.

Moving forward: 

A marketing rule says your content plan should always balance insightful and educational content with some sprinkle of entertainment and inspiration. Whatever your strategy is, remember that you need to stay ahead of trends in the industry. We’re living in an age where entertaining Tiktok videos and Instagram reels are gaining mass appeal. Finding the right platform that works for you is the key. 

Your personal brand is a valuable asset and should be treated as such. Though it can be challenging at first, if you can make a successful investment, this could yield high returns. 

Have deep/insightful conversations

Communicating your authentic leadership style is a critical first step in letting others know what you stand for and how you plan to inspire. Sharpening this ability to express yourself can help you build trust and motivate your team, which ultimately drives performance. 

Have deep/insightful conversations

To build a firm bridge with your audience, consider the following personal branding trends for 2022: 

  • Socialize 

When you’re building a plan for your personal brand in 2022, ensure you have time and space for conversations with your audience online and offline. To build your audience with your brand, keep in mind the basic three needs.

It can be a podcast, weekly Instagram lives, or WhatsApp group. While Facebook introduces audio rooms, Twitter’sTwitter’s Spaces and podcasts have risen since the pandemic. A case study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span had dropped down to eight seconds – a nearly 25% decrease in just a few years. And yet, the formats that offer the freedom for a more extensive conversation seem to be achieving popularity. 

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  • Create open and consistent channels 

Listening is an often-forgotten skill in communication. With regard to sharing your expression and building your brand, to influence others, the key is to connect emotionally. 

This means CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders must behave in ways that make employees feel that they are safe, they belong, and that they matter.

This is a universal formula, not just for your team members. It is the case with your families, colleagues, clients, and audience. In the end, contrary to popular myths, as humans, we are actually basic.

  • Creating relatability

Having it sorted out and showing your flawless “after” image isn’t what being an “authority” leader is about. The world is changing, and it is changing fast and often, your leadership is required to ask the right questions at the right time- or even open up about struggles you and your company had or is facing and showing your audience the “BTS”- behind the scenes of how you work and discuss with your community. Showing you are real and coexisting creates trust and relatability- which, if you ask me, is the answer to it all!

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  • How do your values & opinions make a difference?

Studies show three in four customers choose brands that align with their emotional values. A decade ago, your personal views on social issues had nothing to do with your professional skills but today; they can quickly become a deciding factor that would attract potential clients while turning them into your true, loyal fans. 

  • It is about your audience.

Building business relationships and influencing people is about more than just communicating thoughts, ideas, and information. It’s about understanding how your message is being received and how it is resonating with others. It is about connecting on a deeply human level. An authentic leader attracts, subsequently influences others to take action to transition your traditional ways to web 2.0. and 3.0.

Why Personal Branding Matters for CEOs, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs?

Social media is about much more than “likes” for aware executives. Your personal brand represents your reputation. Creating and promoting your content on social platforms is less about vanity and more about being real. Personal reputation management via web-based media broadens the effect of that knowledge by sharing expertise and furthermore helping the business. 

Do You Know Your Personal Brand as a Leader?

All authentic leaders start with self-leadership first. You’re a leader. But are you really?

Because if you haven’t taken the time to intentionally develop your personal brand and image, the answer is probably no.

Your image is the first thing people notice about you. It’sIt’s the bridge between who you are and what you do. It’s how you share your personal brand as a leader with your team, your peers, clients, and community. It becomes a part of who you are and can further develop over time.

If needed, it can also re-invent to better reflect who you are and what you represent.

Creating an authentic personal brand will enable you to be known in your field and earn you a positive reputation, but it could also create a massive difference to your private life. To learn more about Personal Branding Agency and how it can help you build a stronger voice, visit our website.