When was the last time you let yourself be vulnerable? What about the time when you went out for that date? Or when you went out for lunch with your office colleagues? You wanted to have that one extra slice of pizza but didn’t have it as everyone had already finished eating. You were afraid of being labelled or coming across as weird or an oddball. As Jim Carrey said, “Your need for acceptance can make you invisible to the world”. How many times have we stopped ourselves from doing or saying something because we thought it would not conform to the society’s definition of what is right and what is wrong? This need to fit in adversely affects our personal brand. When your behavior and actions are not in tune with your thoughts and feelings, you project an in-congruent image, one that isn’t truly yours and that sends out the wrong signals. People perceive you for someone you’re not.

Recall the moments when you let yourself loose. What were those moments like? Wasn’t it fun? Didn’t you feel that you were more in tune with yourself and the world around you? It’s in these moments that you come across as genuine and that attracts people. In the current world of filters, stories and fake news, authenticity can be hard to come by and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Being vulnerable opens up a world of new possibilities. It frees you up from the pressures of “what if’s” that you put upon yourself.

Stop hiding

Why do we love underdogs so much? Why are they respected once they have given it their best shot? Because they had a go, allowing themselves to be vulnerable every day. They aren’t afraid of letting their guard down in front of everyone. Or maybe they are . But they don’t let that fear stop them. Why do we erupt with joy or feel sad every time we see Roger Federer bawling like a child after a grand slam win or loss. Because such moments feel genuine. Moments that we feel most connected to are the ones where we someone being their true authentic self and that comes only from being vulnerable. Let people see your true self.

The real power lies in vulnerability


Being vulnerable is being open to new experiences. Accepting the fact that you don’t know everything and may never actually know but being okay with it. It means being comfortable with oneself. Once you accept all your quirks, idiosyncrasies, you let go of all inhibitions, doubts that stop you from living your life to the fullest. Authenticity comes from being vulnerable. The first step towards creating a powerful personal brand is being your authentic self. And all of the great leaders or personalities with powerful and sustainable personal brands weren’t afraid of being themselves. Take Steve Jobs for example. He was someone, who was known to speak his mind. Did everyone like him? Certainly not. But he didn’t let that stop him from being his true self.

So, embrace your vulnerability.

As Brene Brown said, “Being vulnerable is what makes you beautiful”.