The intimacy you established between you and your listeners is unbeatable. Listeners feel as if they know you and have a great bond of friendship with you.

Multiple ways are there to grow your personal brand, including videos, blog posts, and public speaking. But, here, we will discuss how podcasting has helped many individuals and their businesses to allure more traffic than ever.

For instance, Joe Rogan might seem unlikely to become the most successful broadcaster, despite his ability to commentate, do stand-up comedy, and create interesting conversations in his podcasts. But, after signing a $100m deal with Spotify, he is on his way to becoming the most influential person on Earth. That’s what podcast is capable of; you become the most renowned person worldwide.

Given are some of the techniques you may consider while making a podcast:

Quality content is required for a robust personal brand

By meaningful content, you make yourself a more well-known, trusted, and liked person. The better the quality of your content, the more your audience will grow. But, here in this world, it is becoming tougher to engage people as they are bombarded daily by compelling messages.

Sadly, through social media, everyone is trying to promote their brand through podcasting without even knowing what it is and how it works. Uninspired beginners, making phone recorded videos unable to deliver anything substantive because the bottom line is they come across as cheap and unprofessional.

Upon hearing what personal branding is, amateurs started making low-quality content for their podcasts without knowing the basic knowledge of a podcast. But, It is essential to make a plan before creating a podcast so that your content is congruent with your thoughts..

Even though you think you have the talent to do a quality podcast, you must still be aware of the content message you’re providing to your viewers. You must know the subject of your presentation, the way to talk in a podcast, the method to convey your message effectively. All of these things should be taken into consideration while creating content for a podcast.

Identifying what is important to make unique content is a crucial skill. To be successful, you need to improve the quality of your content. Your content must deliver the answers to the audiences questions, concerns and challenges.

Why podcast is considered best for personal branding

Increasing your audience through content leaves you with many brilliant ideas. Some of the reasons to use podcasts for image development are given below:

Ease of its consumption

Podcasts are easy to listen to as compared to reading an article or watching a video. Reading something requires a certain amount of concentration and restraint. Despite the fact you must remain still while watching videos, it takes less attention. Compared with other media, podcasts allow consumers to multitask including driving, Podcasts become a university on wheels.

Currently, podcasts are in vogue due mostly to their ease of use. Listening to a podcast has been made even easier with smartphones. Now in addition to driving you can listen to it while working out, doing chores, or lying in bed. Our lives are too busy to dedicate a significant portion of the day to read blogs and watch videos. Keep your podcast original, and if it goes well, who knows, your popularity and authority will open new doors of opportunity.


A podcast can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your personal brand. You can make podcasts often to stay connected to your audience. The words you use, your tone and your style become familiar to your audience.

A smartphone can further heighten intimacy by simply listening. It is the most soothing experience when your audience feels some connection between their thoughts and yours. So, the feeling of knowing someone becomes quite natural!

The human brain is best suited for audio. The ability to read and write was discovered thousands of years ago. Consequently, we find listening to be the easiest task. It gives us a deeper understanding of a subject than we could ever get from writing alone.

We gain an added level of understanding as we listen to a podcast, which allows us to develop a more significant relationship with the host. There’s a genuine connection between us and our favourite podcasts. As humans, we like, trust and respect a person who is knowledgeable, sincere and caring.

Examples of how podcasting helped many businesses gain ultimate success

VaynerMedia’s CEO Gary Vaynerchuk has immensely appreciated the role of the podcast in developing a sound brand. Due to his practices and preaching’s, he exerts an immense effect on other people’s mindsets.

The ‘GaryVee Audio Experience’, hosted by none other than Gary himself, is his most successful podcast. Although he makes self-inspiring video clips, he also uses inspirational memes to elevate the status of his content. According to GaryVee:

“I believe that podcasting is grossly undervalued, and I think all of you should start a podcast in the same way that all of you are starting vlogs. Go do it, figure it out. It’s even easier, and it’s your voice. You don’t have to be handsome.”

Influence of a personal branding partner

Your digital existence on different social media platforms is personifying your brand. Try to determine your values before anyone else. Everyone is looking for what your priorities are, so communicate your priorities succinctly to your audience.

To take help from an experienced individual before starting to podcast is a smart idea. It can be a challenge for beginners, as reputation management requires ultimate skills no matter what amateur ‘gooroos’ tell you. It may look easy on paper, but it is not if you are going to launch a serious and sustainable personal branding ‘campaign’.

Iconic leaders and successful business titans have highly contributed by influencing society either on social media or from their personal life experiences, and
their sharing provides insightful knowledge while listening to them as they might be short on time due to their busy schedules. Check here more info on harold matzner.

Lived-experience matters a lot for personal branding to be impactful.

Credible partners will help you with increasing your reputation online, so find a partner who understands how to create your online presence and generating more audience through those platforms.

You may not become as successful as Joe Rogan is, but at least you will be equipped to give it your best shot.


My podcast, “Jon Michail’s Personal Branding Masterclass”, will be launched next Thursday. The show will be weekly, every Thursday, one episode will be with me, and the other episode will have a special guest.

Stay tuned!



Jon Michail and his team at Image Group International dress executives, entrepreneur and thought leaders to look world class. They also partner with their clients to achieve breakthrough results with contrarian and disruptive ways to grow and monetise their personal and business brands. A veteran coach with a Who’s Who clientele, Jon is the CEO and Founder of Image Group International, an Australian-based corporate and personal brand image advisory and coaching organisation that conducts transformational seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching in over four continents. He is recognized as Australasia’s No. 1 Image Coach.


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