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Do you want to be the showman, the spokesperson, the public face of your brand?

Richard BransonRichard Branson of Virgin, Donald Trump of Trump – the names are more famous than the businesses they represent. Locally we have personalities such as Dick Smith of Dick Smith Foods, Tim Costello of World Vision, even Ricky Nixon was more famous than Flying Start. These people aren’t actors, musicians or authors; they are not traditional talent, but fame and recognition has visited them none the less – along with all its costs and benefits.

So what does it take to be the public face of a organisation, to be the showman or spokesperson? These and other questions will be answered by our experienced panel.


Jon Michail – CEO. Image Group International
Sonia Rendigs – CEO,  Media Moguls
Finbar O’Hanlon– CEO, Linius

Michel Hogan – Principal, Brandology


  • Should you take this step, and can you step back?
  • How to become the public face?
  • What will you to-do list look like once you are?
  • What are the personal costs and benefits?
  • What are the organisational costs and benefits?
  • How to bring your unique personality to the role?
  • How do you need to change?
  • Engaging help to get there?
  • What are the stages of fame?
  • And of course, stories of unexpected success and heroic failure

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