That’s exactly what some parents attempted to do in New Zealand recently. The country’s Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages ruled out this name as unaccepetable, in conjunction with others; like using punctuation marks such as full stops, asterisks and virgules as names.

The list of 102 names rejected in the past two years includes Baron, Bishop, Duke, General, Judge, Justice, King, Knight and Mr, all deemed too similar to titles. Messiah was also turned down, as was 89, and the letters, C.D.I.and T.

The names reveal an interesting insight how people want to be so different that they can potentially sabotage their child’s future. Personal Brand naming does not have to be so much on the edge that it becomes extremist. Maslow’s needs hierarchy says that people want to belong, therefore naming their child Lucifer is a perfect way to get their child ostracised, creating many potential issues that will affect them in the long term as adults. What do you think? Brand at your own risk!