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Woolworths Australia has changed its dress code and gone denim. In our opinion, this policy will not survive in the long term.

Our reasons for this are varied. However, for the sake of this article, we note that in turbulent economic climate, denim as a uniform does not create trust between employees and customers, simple as that. The following article first appeared in the media last December.

It’s a denim revolution – boring black pants are out and jeans are as humble work uniform becomes the latest front in the battle for supermarket supremacy.

In a bid to keep its workforce happy, Woolworths’ 890 stores countrywide will allow staff to wear “neat and tidy” denim jeans and skirts to work from Tuesday after asking management to relax its uniform policy.

But Coles won’t be following suit.

Woolworths staff overwhelmingly voted for the change during an employee survey and management said it wanted staff to be comfortable.

“Workers wanted to wear more comfortable, less restrictive clothing,” a Woolworths spokeswoman said. “Our people wanted jeans. They’re contemporary and there’s a cut that’s flattering to every shape and size.

“Jeans are comfortable, flexible, hard-wearing garments that stand up well to the physical tasks our people undertake across the course of their working day.”

What has been your workplace experience with dress codes and denim specifically? We’d love to hear them.