In a past blog I noted that politics today can be the right career move depending on the individual and their circumstances.

For example. if you are successful entrepreneur, highly renowned QC, surgeon or some other made position the choice to be made  if you were to embark on a political career would most likely be a no-brainer. Why do it? Unless you are at a stage in life to contribute to public service with no concern for your finances?

However for many, many others that are not in this privilaged position, becoming a politician can be lucrative in leveraging your personal brand positioning and reaping the financial rewards the personal brand will ultimately deliver. After politics via the business possibilities available (board positions, speaking and media engagements, consulting etc.) that may arise the chances to leverage success increase if all goes to a pre-determined plan.

Former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard is an excellent example of how politics and financial success is compatible.

Whetever she earned in a past life as an unknown lawyer, I can guarentee you it will be totally different from now on as she embarks on a new career at the end of this election campaign… author, speaker, world opinion leader?

What do you think of this current trend?

$1.8m bungalow wins over Gillard

Antony Lawes | The Age | 9 August 2013

FTTTJulia Gillard looks to be trading in her humble Melbourne brick-and-tile for a renovated bungalow in one of Adelaide’s top suburbs.

The former prime minister and her partner Tim Mathieson are believed to have paid about $1.8 million for the four-bedroom, renovated house.

The house, on a 1284-square metre block, has a large pool, 12-person spa and a second, outdoor kitchen. The advertised price was between $1.85 million and $2.05 million.

”All you need is a floaty kaftan to fit right into your new lifestyle of private relaxation and seamless entertaining,” the online advertisement says.

Agent Phil Harris, the head of Harris Real Estate, the agency handling the sale, confirmed the house had sold but refused to say who had bought it or how much they had paid.

Nobody in Ms Gillard’s office could be reached for comment, but Adelaide agents said Ms Gillard was definitely the buyer and that she had been looking at other properties in the area.

Peter Emes, from Century 21, said he had been told Ms Gillard was looking for houses in the area and had submitted another property to her office but was told it was ”too exposed”. ”I’m told by a source that she has definitely bought [it],” he said.

Grant Threadgold, from Toop and Toop, said the vendor had told him personally last week that an unidentified buyer from Melbourne was doing ”due diligence” on the house but had not inspected it. The price was believed to be $1.8 million, he said.

Another agent, Annette Bradshaw, last sold the house in 2001 for $490,000 before it was extensively renovated, and she described the style as a ”gentleman’s residence”.

”It’s an exceptionally lovely house,” she said.

Agents say if the $1.8 million price is accurate it would be the highest price paid for a house in that suburb in the past year.

It’s a step up from Ms Gillard’s current home in Melbourne’s Altona that she bought for $140,000 in 1998.

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