Simon Overland

Once upon a time the police force presented a clear crisp image that the community felt visually safe with, but in recent years we have noticed a dramatic shift –

Overweight, scruffy and at times looking dreary – these uniformed officials, some with their unkept facial hair look more in common with a bushranger than a professional designated to protect us on the street. Police officers cannot hide behind the badge, the poor public image we see from time to time is a reflection of other aspects of society that have broken down. The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Simon Overland knows this and has decided it’s time to do something about it and bring back some civility.

He has announced major changes that will focus, among other things, a new improved and clearer image for his force that equates to “professional” – with all the drug and alcohol challenges facing our community and the police, this new move must be congratulated – real leaders have the courage to action their convictions and I am certain he will have the community’s support to go for it.

The Overland expression runs on straight lines

Overland’s cultural revolution