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Trust is one of the most valuable assets an individual can possess – and the recent results of the 2014 Reader’s Digest Trusted People List reveal that Doctors are leading the way, followed by Community Volunteers, Firefighters and Pilots.

It’s obvious that the healing professions are rated highly across thew board, a recognition for the great and at times unrecognised work they do in our communities.


1. Charlie Teo, neurosurgeon
2. Fiona Wood, burns specialist
3. Ian Frazer, immunologist
4. Chris Riley, founder of Youth Off The Streets
5. Hugh Jackman, actor
6. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark
7. Ian Kiernan, Clean Up Australia founder
8. Catherine Hamlin, obstetrician
9. Karl Kruszelnicki, science journalist
10. Dick Smith, entrepreneur
11. Harry Cooper, TV vet
12. Peter Cosgrove, Governor-General
13. Geoffrey Rush, actor
14. Chris Brown, TV vet
14. Anh Do, author, actor and comedian
16. Cate Blanchett, actor
17. Laurie Oakes, political journalist
18. Libby Trickett, swimmer
19. Tim Costello, CEO World Vision Australia
19. Adam Hills, comedian, TV host
21. Darren Lehmann, Australian cricket team coach
22. Deborra-Lee Furness, actor
23. Lieutenant General David Morrison, chief of the Australian Army
24. Jessica Mauboy, singer
25. Jacki Weaver, actor
26. Kerry O’Brien, journalist
27. Adam Scott, golfer
28. David Hurley, Chief of the Defence Force
29. Tina Arena, singer
30. Hamish Blake, comedian
31. Donna Hay, TV cook and food publisher
32. Carrie Bickmore, TV host
33. Nicole Kidman, actor
34. Kylie Minogue, singer
35. Guy Sebastian, singer
35. Keith Urban, singer
37. Michael Clarke, cricketer
38. Curtis Stone, chef
39. Amanda Keller, comedian
40. Adam Goodes, AFL player, Australian of the Year 2014
41. Mitchell Johnson, cricketer
41. Charlie Pickering, TV host, comedian
41. Tim Cahill, soccer player
44. Peter FitzSimons, author, columnist
44. Tony Negus, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police
46. Tim Winton, writer, environmentalist
47. Wendy Harmer, comedian and writer
48. Tracey Grimshaw, TV host
49. Mike Willesee, journalist
50. Russell Crowe, actor
51. David Koch, TV host
52. Derryn Hinch, media personality
53. Glenn Stevens, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia
54. Ange Postecoglou, Socceroos coach
55. Richard Roxburgh, actor
56. Shane Watson, cricketer
57. Todd Sampson, advertising personality
58. Josh Thomas, comedian
59. Tim Flannery, environmentalist
60. Leigh Sales, journalist, TV host
61. Ian Thorpe, swimmer
62. Gerry Harvey, businessman
62. Andrew O’Keefe, TV host
62. Michelle Bridges, personal trainer
65. John Symond, founder Aussie Home Loans
66. Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, businessman
67. Miranda Kerr, model
68. Nick Xenophon, independent Senator
69. Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications
70. Kerry Stokes, businessman
71. Frank Lowy, businessman
72. Eddie McGuire, TV personality
73. Bob Brown, environmentalist
74. John Singleton, entrepreneur
74. Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Leader of the Opposition
76. Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister
77. Joe Hockey, federal Treasurer
78. Gai Waterhouse, racehorse trainer
79. Tony Abbott, Prime Minister
80. Julie Bishop, Foreign Affairs Minister
81. Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition
81. Barnaby Joyce, Agriculture Minister
83. James Hird, former AFL coach
83. Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister
85. James Packer, businessman
86. Bob Katter, federal politician
87. Christine Milne, politician, leader of the Australian Greens
88. Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens politician
89. Shane Warne, former cricketer
90. Clive Palmer, businessman, MP
90. Rolf Harris, entertainer
92. Bernard Tomic, tennis player
93. Gina Rinehart, businesswoman, mining
94. George Pell, member of Vatican executive
95. Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas
96. Kyle Sandilands, radio personality
97. Tom Waterhouse, bookmaker
98. Geoffrey Edelsten, entrepreneur
99. Schapelle Corby, convicted drug trafficker
100. Mercedes Corby, sister of Schapelle Corby
Dr. Charlie Teo: Australia's Most Trusted Person.

Dr. Charlie Teo: Australia’s Most Trusted Person.


Four of the people at the very top of this year’s list embody the kind of public contribution that Australians consistently applaud and reward with their trust. The other is a very special case – a huge star who’s still seen as “a good bloke”.

1. Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo is passionate about advancing our understanding of brain cancer. Helping those whose lives it cuts short saw him given the honour of addressing the US Congress in 2013. For the third consecutive year, survey respondents have given him their top vote.

Why? He is “a person of integrity not beholden to anyone” and “he helps people when others give up on them”.

2. Burns specialist surgeon Professor Fiona Wood isn’t content with providing care to those suffering traumatic injury, she also heads a non- profit foundation working toward scarless healing.

Why? She is “dedicated”, “selfless”, “down to earth and honest”.

3. Professor Ian Frazer, immunologist and developer of a vaccine against the strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) that cause cervical cancers has never been out of the Most Trusted Top 10.

Why? “He is working for the welfare of the people.”

4. The founder and CEO of Youth Off the Streets, Father Chris Riley, has spent nearly four decades bringing practical help and much-needed hope to young people with nowhere else to turn.

Why? “He is a man looking after people that society tends to forget.”

5. Hugh Jackman was an up-and-comer when he reached No. 23 on our first poll, back in 2005. Last year he earned an estimated $US55 million but he is still regarded as a rock-solid, genuine, family man.<

Why? “He is a decent human being and supports good causes.”

Fiona Wood & Hugh Jackman

Fiona Wood & Hugh Jackman


Throughout the past year paramedic organisations in various parts of Australia have reported their members increasingly coming under attack by the very people they are trying to help. But for our respondents there is no question: they are the most trusted of all the professionals – just ahead of those other ever-reliables, firefighters.

“They do a superb job under a great deal of pressure,” said one person, while many others put it even more simply: “your life is in their hands”.

1. Paramedics
2. Firefighters
3. Rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Doctors
5. Pilots
7. Pharmacists
8. Air traffic controllers
8. Farmers
8. Veterinarians
11. Police
12. Armed forces personnel
12. Scientists
14. Teachers
14. Dentists
16. Childcare workers
17.  Bus/train/tram drivers
18. Flight attendants
19. Locksmiths
20. Hairdressers
21. Postal workers
22. Computer technicians
22. Waiters
22. Plumbers
25. Accountants
25. Cleaners
27. Security guards
27. Builders
27. Mechanics
30. Shop assistants
30. Truck drivers
32. Professional sportspeople
33. Alternative health practitioners
34. Bankers
35. Financial planners
36. Tow-truck drivers
36. Charity collectors
36. Lawyers
36. Clergy (all religions)
40. Airport baggage handlers
41. Taxi drivers
42. Journalists
43. CEOs
43. Radio talkback hosts
45. Real estate agents
45. Call centre staff
47. Sex workers
47. Insurance salespeople
49. Politicians
50. Door-to-door salespeople

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