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The Victorian Police are cleaning up their image to look more conservative, stable and safe in an emerging unstable environment.

Make no mistake, with the greater volatility in our world financial markets, business is becoming more competitive than ever. Add the instability witnessed in many parts of the world,  unemployment, among others is pressuring people and their organisations to sharpen up and present  themselves (visual and verbal) like they are serious about doing business and not like they are going to the beach like they may have had in past booming times – As we previously posted –  Police image back to Old School… The new Victorian Police leadership know that “looking professional” equals power, influence and respect and that is why they are moving towards this new model. Mark my words, this is the new “elephant in the room” many organisations are and will attempt to deal with as they look to transform their culture as the economy becomes even more turbulant – The luxury of the past, when you could look like  “down and out” and complacent are fast becoming less so. Our research clearly indicates this.

The world is changing, we must all keep up, are you?

Let us know what is happening on this issue in your organisation?

Victoria Police force told to sharpen up image