by Patricia Bosa

For small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners, individual branding can be the strategic edge that propels your business forward. At Image Group International, we understand the unique challenges SME owners face and how a strategic personal brand can make all the difference.

Importance of Personal Branding for SMEs

  • Customer Loyalty: Customers connect with people. A relatable and authentic personal brand can foster loyalty and repeat business.
  • Networking Opportunities: A strong personal brand positions SME owners as desirable partners for joint ventures and business opportunities.
  • Recruitment and Culture: A well-crafted personal brand attracts talent and sets the cultural tone for the entire organisation.

Our Comprehensive Approach

  • Visibility Enhancement: We optimise your online presence to ensure that your brand is visible and attractive to your target demographic.
  • Leadership Branding Sessions: We offer personalised coaching to help you embody the leadership qualities that resonate most with your audience.
  • Public Relations and Media: Our team assists in crafting your public narrative to ensure consistent and positive media representation online and offline.

Success Story 

Sarah Lee, owner of a boutique consulting firm, leveraged our services to enhance her visibility. The result was a 57% increase in client inquiries and significant media exposure that established her as a leader in design.


At Image Group International, we believe that a strong personal brand is a powerful tool for SME owners. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about creating meaningful connections that drive business success.

*Names may have been changed to protect privacy.

Transform your business with the power of personal branding. Contact Image Group International today to discover how we can help you stand out and succeed.