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by Jon-Michail

Therese Rein & Kevin Rudd

Recently Therese Rein, wife of ex-Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd was in the media again promoting her husband’s future leadership aspirations in a not too subtle way. The soft piece in The Age illustrates an excellent example of image re-building by team members, in this case his wife.

During the interview, Ms. Rein was asked if Mr. Rudd will challenge for the leadership of the Labor Party again and she responded saying that

If a leadership role like that is a role of public service… It’s not about yourself, we were not doing it for ourselves. The role of PM is more than full-time, it is a massive role. It makes demands which we willingly entered, but we’ve now seen them in all their dimensions. Is it something that I personally hanker after? Want? And am seeking? No. Is it something I would do [again]?… I don’t know, but if I ever agreed to do that, it would be on proviso that it was completely about the country, the national good, Australia’s place in the world, and the people who have, over many years now, told me, ‘look, we’re vulnerable on this or we’re hurting on that, and things need to be better’.”

The journalist continued by following up. So, to make things better?

To make things better.” Responded Ms. Rein.

Right. My goal is not to judge the rights or wrongs of Ms. Rein’s clear intentions, that is for others to do, rather it’s to highlight the following; to build a strong personal brand takes a team to leverage it and in this case, it can also be your husband, wife or partner. In the workplace it can also be your boss.

Note: Last week Rudd also conducted interviews as part of his campaign to wrest back the labor leadership, see link.

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