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The protocol of exchanging business cards in Asia is done much more formally, than in Australia, and the west in general- so it is important to understand the customs so you can do it with finesse.

1.  Never offer a dirty, battered or ragged-looking card. The business card is an extension of the person offering it, so if you want to secure a working partnership take as much time over your business cards
as you do your personal appearance.

2.  Always offer your business card with the right hand, or using both hands as a sign of respect, rather than haphazardly passing it out to everyone you meet.

3.  When receiving a card always do it in the same manner as when you hand one out – so receive it with your right hand or in both hands. Be aware that to give and receive a card with both hands is the highest form of respect in many Asian communities.

4.  Never write a note or reminder on the business care you’ve been given, especially in the presence of the person – in Japan this is seen as rude as if you have written on a person’s face.