Slimmer, faster and lighter!
Steve Jobs at the launch of iPad 2

Steve Jobs made a surprise visit to the launch of iPad 2 in San Francisco and the share price increased 3%, now that’s an excellent example of the power of the brand.

Dismissing rivals’ attempts at producing alternatives to the iPad as high-priced and low-selling, with few applications available for them, he also had news that underlined Apple’s increasingly aggressive moves into the ebook market.

Separately, he pointed to Apple’s increasing grip on the online content market, noting that the iTunes Store, through which books, music, films and apps are sold, now has 200m accounts worldwide – making it the biggest credit card account holder on the web.

Meanwhile, he said, Apple has now sold 100m iPhones, and developers have earned $2bn from selling apps on Apple’s online store.

“We’ve sold 15m iPads in nine months, that’s more than every tablet PC [from Microsoft] ever sold,” he said. “We got over 90% market share. Our competitors were flummoxed.”

The new iPad 2 is 90 grams lighter, with front and back facing cameras, and trumps the earlier version.

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