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Kara Vickery | News Corp

IMAGE consultants have warned Bill Shorten’s so-called “man boobs” are his Achilles heel in an election campaign where appearance is crucial.

Mr Shorten has been pounding the pavement almost daily, flanked by security and Labor confidantes, and sporting a trim new physique on the hustings.

He’s clocked up 32km in just four days, but eagle-eye observers have noted his workout gear reveals lingering weight in his pectoral area.

Commentators have labelled this problem “man boobs”, or “moobs”.

Image consultant Imogen Lamport said the images of Mr Shorten running could undermine his recent makeover.

“It doesn’t make him more attractive and that’s the problem. He’s still got an achilles heel because he’s got man boobs.’’

Former Labor leader Mark Latham has written an opinion piece on what Mr Shorten can do about his man boobs.

Image Group International chief executive Jon Michail said in this election image was everything.

“What (the public) looks at is pictures and what they look at is headlines and so the visual communication always speaks louder than the words, or certainly, in this case, the policies’’.

GP and TV host of Embarrassing Bodies Downunder Dr Brad McKay said Mr Shorten’s pectoral area could be the last place his weight shifts, but suggested weight training could help tone the opposition leader’s upper body.

“If you’re trying to lose weight you don’t have any choice about where,” Dr McKay explained.

“The other aspect is saggy skin — as you’re slimming down, your fat disappears but your skin stays the same size.”

The Opposition Leader is also believed to shun carbohydrates in an effort to stay trim, having lost a substantial amount of weight in the lead up to the election race.

In contrast, it’s understood Mr Turnbull prefers rowing, ensuring media cameras don’t see him sweat, while also taking the odd public stroll.

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