J.C. Penney drops product from stores as consumers show disgust.

Customers recently accused retailer J.C. Penney of being sexist for selling a sweatshirt promoting the message, “I’m Too Pretty to do Homework, so My Brother Has to Do It For Me”.

Marketed to 7-16 year olds, the sweatshirt appeared in J.C. Penney’s back-to-school range.

Consumers and critics accused the retailer of sending out the wrong message to the tween-age generation and branded the sweatshirt sexist.

An online petition against the sale of the sweatshirt received over a thousand signatures.

J.C Penney quickly acted on this and pulled the sweatshirts from its website and stores within hours.

Speaking at the time to American media through a spokesperson, J.C. Penney said, “We agree that the ‘Too Pretty’ t-shirt does not deliver an appropriate message and we have immediately discontinued its sale … We would like to apologise for any concern we may have caused”.

The US retailer added that it will now investigate how the sweatshirt slipped through the screening process.

In our opinion the decision to pull this rubbish from their shelves is a sound one especially in an era where young kids are constantly exploited with messages that are counterproductive to their self-esteem; the sad statistics on depression are evidence of this.

Do you think Australian retailers would have allowed this sweatshirt to be sold in their stores?