As we all know, comfort is the enemy of growth and reinvention is the way to stay ahead, especially in your career.

Let me explain.

From Blockbuster to Netflix, from retail stores to Amazon, industries constantly experience a change in environment.

The experience from the pandemic tells us that in times of crisis the definition of ‘value’ changes. To stay relevant and valuable, we must reinvent ourselves. To some people that may even mean staying employable. 

Your brand’s congruency is essential, you need to step ahead of the game and adjust to the times. Displaying a persona from the 70’s when you live in the year 2022 is incongruent in reference to your presentation.

Even if you’re on a career path that you love, what got you where you are today isn’t always what will get you to the next level tomorrow. As human beings we get really comfortable and complacent for our own good which can often lead to business failure. 

We all need to reinvent ourselves multiple times throughout our careers to remain valuable and employable. Heck, even Jeff Bezos transitioned himself from a computer nerd to an e-commerce guru of Amazon.

Learning vs Reinvention

You do need to be prepared to build new skills. But formal education is only going to get you so far. In your current position, there are thousands who have similar qualifications to you. Meaning when there are similarities across the board, your leverage from the point of your differentiation goes down dramatically. That effects your perceived value.

A nice-looking resume may have won you that interview long ago, however, it’s not going to build your career.

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A good example of this was the pandemic – while many people lost their jobs due to circumstances they had no control over, many also lost the motivation to make an effort in their workplace. Since the Industrial Revolution where there was a transition to new manufacturing processes in Great Britain, continental Europe, and the United States, in the period sometime between 1760-1840. Reinvention, professionally became imperative to constantly stay relevant as the world continues to evolve. 



With the rise of technology which has been a great benefit, it has also created massive competition in the workplace. Examples of this is how Amazon has transformed the way we shop and how Netflix has transformed the way we watch movies through the use of technology to make it easier and more convenient.

Although it’s not as obvious, just like businesses, humans have had to do the same. 

Here’s how to keep up with the times and reinvent your Career Image


Invest in your personal brand.

Today’s society is digitally connected one, if you’re not online, you’re going to have a presence online if you desire to be heard, seen and valued. And that also means you will be checked out; stakeholders will constantly compare your brand to others.

So, ask yourself these questions:
  • What makes you so different from your next-door neighbour?
  • Why should someone hire you?
  • Are you ambitious enough to care?
  • Are you sending mixed messages?


If your goal is to step out of your comfort zone and stand out, these questions are pivotal in your reinvention process.

To stand out, the best step you want to take is seizing control and being courageous; this is the real investment in your personal brand.

In a world where voicing different opinions is shunned upon and we are ‘wimped out’ of control, courage is something that stands out.

So be courageous. And of course, by being courageous, you’re also being different, because it’s not so common in the marketplace today. 




Network with purpose

Network yourself to a quality that is congruent with who you want to be, rather than who you are now. Attracting the right energy around gives you an uplift in introductions, advice, and mentoring.

Networking methods like having a thousand Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections will help you to a certain extent in helping in your image development. But it is important that you have connections who will go above and beyond for you. And those who you do not mind going above and beyond for.

Those 5 “connected networks” are not just networks, these are called ‘connected networks’. These networks will vouch for you, open doors for you and endorse you.

This type of networking is very common in Chinese culture, and it’s known as ‘guanxi’.


The term is referred to as an individual’s social network consisting of mutually beneficial personal and business relationships.
Photo by Cottonbro on Pexels.

This can involve strong personal trust, moral obligations and exchanging favours.


In my experience, Australians and westerners lack this type of effective networking. If you want to build our career, it’s crucial for you to repurpose your idea of social connections and learn from other cultures.




Be open to learning, beyond convention

It’s important for humans to embrace reinvention.

Being hungry is part of it. Look towards forms of education beyond convention, check out online programs, mentors or others that have the lived-experience and the ‘runs on the board’.

To stand out from others in the workplace, it is important to focus on the forms of education that are not common, meaning, being in a ‘student mindset’ is a gift to the curious and those who are hungry to grow. You learn something new everyday.

This could include experienced individuals, branding coaches, even mentors who can advise and assist you on your career journey. 


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Don’t be afraid to have a go during your career image reinvention! Give it your best shot!

“If you don’t have a go you will never know!”

Jon Michail

Revaluate your goals, skills and experience and discover where you want to go with this.

What is your end game? What is the position that you want? Why do you want this?

Experiment with new opportunities that come your way, meet new people, network, have a chat, go out there and hustle.  

Show some Schmooze and Chutzpah!

Do everything possible to build your career. Like most people on the planet, your career is a part of your identity, the last thing you want to do is be in a career that you despise and dread from a daily perspective.

That’s not a great way to live.


The Bottom Line

Don’t get comfortable and complacent with your current position, especially in an ever-changing

Time and time again we see businesses become reliable on their security due to lack of competition. This sense of security could potentially be the downfall of your business.

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The global pandemic was a clear example of this.

In the last two years we’ve seen people and businesses in very comfortable positions avoid any personal or professional development. Competition keeps evolving and people struggled to stay relevant.




We need to constantly try to reinvent ourselves throughout our careers to remain valuable or essentially, employable unless you make the decision to establish your own personal branding. That is also another form of reinvention.

Conditions change and we need to change with them to stay relevant. I invite you to listen to our podcast on the topic to simplify your journey to reinvention.

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