With all the power and influence that oil and gas money can buy, backed with smart strategies to boost their presence,  miracles can happen, and before you know it the world gets to discover that Qatar, a tiny country in the Middle East, really does exist. Qatar is demonstrating how image, branding and the power of networks succeeds… and I did mention that stacks of dollars along the way can help.

The New Qatar 

In the space of a few years, Qatar’s strategic brand building, through numerous activities, including the Qatar International Car Rally, Doha Tribeca Film Festival and recently, its controversial winning of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has  unveiled them to the world like never before. The Qatar PR campaign is making a huge difference to its country brand positioning cultivating a perceived new image that did not previously exist. Only time will tell if it all works out, they may even get more tourists visiting there, but I suspect their real intention may be something much more.

The desert blooms: culture in Qatar