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I am always fascinated by people’s comments,when
asked for opinions on subjects they have little idea about – and this brings me to the latest release by Victoria Police on their “New York” style uniforms. Comments raised included ‘unfashionable’ to ‘nothing new’ etc. missing the real point why they are introducing them in the first place. The new uniforms represent plain and simple, a return to a message that has disappeared in recent times from the Victorian Police force – “we are in charge”.

The new look largely represents amongst other style alterations, a new colour, midnight navy. The psychological message the darker colour conveys, especially when teamed up with a near – black tie is,  authority, power and no-nonsense – It’s in the tradition of going back to an “old school” influence and the thing about it is…it works!

Yes, the new look will be more intimidating than the current airforce blue, which I believe is their intention, so that the public will now recognise that the guys chasing the baddies in the tough streets of Melbourne will at least look like they can do the job, in addition to actually doing it!