Sarah Palin seems to be losing some of her celebrity gloss if you take into account her latest documentary flop at the box office.

The film The Undefeated about the Republican political star has bombed at the US box office, earning just $US24,000 ($A22,100) and had a quick transfer to television.  Released  weeks ago in just 10 theatres, it earned more than $US63,000 on its debut weekend but saw revenues plummet the following week. The Los Angeles Times dismissed it as an “infomercial”. According to the New York Post, the film will now be released on DVD and pay-per-view. The project was bankrolled by media company The Victory Group.

Can this latest example be another sign of the current worldwide trend that people are sick and tired of inauthentic political leaders and their pathetic superficial gimmicks that are designed to deflect from their real intentions…saddest part of all these charades is that they are getting away with it – that’s what you get for democracy.