Alan Quinton

Alan is the Deputy Chief of the Melbourne Fire Brigade and has served in the MFB for close to 40 years. He says the thing that gets him out of bed in the morning is “knowing that my contribution to the MFB is positively impacting our community, and knowing I have the best team, that makes my job an empowering experience.” This desire to bring out the best in those around him by bringing out the best in himself has meant that Alan has found mentoring a necessary next step in his career, bringing him into a senior leadership position where he continues to be a positive influence on those who work for and with him.


  • Acting Fire Chief | Melbourne Fire Brigade | 2017 – Present
  • Deputy Chief | Melbourne Fire Brigade | 2017
  • Assistant Chief Officer Executive Manager Training and Education & Fire Safety Director | Metropolitan Fire Brigade | 1978 – 2016


LinkedIn – Alan Quinton Assistant Chief Fire Officer at Department of Treasury and Finance | Melbourne, Australia | Government Administration
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