By Jon-Michail

Kamala Harris & Barack Obama

You know the lunatics are running the asylum, when the President of the USA is criticised for complimenting a friend… how did it all come to this?

According to media reports, President Barack Obama has apologised to California’a Attorney-General, Kamala Harris, after praising her looks during remarks at a fund-raising event in San Francisco.

Mr. Obama was paying tribute to Ms. Harris, an old friend saying, “She’s brilliant and she’s dedicated; she’s tough,” he told his audience. “She also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general”. Who could disagree with that? Obviously some.

Who said it’s not OK to praise in public somebody that you consider great quality and good value all round including being physically attractive.

It’s time this PC nonsense that has spiraled out of control is reined in. We must all stand up and support what is right and that includes supporting our individual beauty.

All the whiners need to get a life, I am not kidding.

The truth works and if a President feels inclined to holistically compliment a friend then he (or she) should be able to do so as a basic human right.

It’s certainly a lot more “positive” to listen to how attractive someone is compared to  the regular normal diatribe and insults you hear from our politicians.

Let’s celebrate beauty in all its forms (in and out) and encourage the positive re-enforcement that it’s OK to be beautiful, after all you didn’t have much of a say in it. It is your given birthright, a gift that self serving bullies can’t take away from you because of their agendas. What can be wrong about that?

How would you react in a situation if Obama complemented you in a similar matter? I’d love to hear about it.