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On a recent visit to Australia for a guest appearance as a British foodie on MasterChef

Nigella Lawson went swimming in Bondi Beach, Sydney recently, in a full body burkini swimsuit, revealing to media that, “I love food and I love cooking, so therefore I never deprive myself. Thinness is fantastic for clothes, but I don’t do fashion.”

This response is quite refreshing and an honest sign of a woman that portrays an image full of joy and energy. As long as she is authentically happy with her figure of curves, it’s her choice to do whatever she desires. Most people would ideally love the so-called ‘perfect’ figure, but if it costs your self-esteem, and health, forget it!

Good on you Nigella, you will continued to be adored by your followers because you are ok being who you are, and saying it as it is.

Lose weight? I’d end up looking ten years older, claims Nigella Lawson