‘Dance Moms’ Reality Star Abbey Lee Miller found guilty of bankruptcy fraud.

With her reputation in the dance world cemented, her time in jail may even propel her career further, says Australian image expert Jon Michail.

“Your reputation is everything, so Abby Lee has some work to do to come back from this,” the CEO of Image Group International tells BW Magazine.

“But we’re living in a time where it is possible to re-position yourself after a fall from grace, as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Firstly, she must admit she’s screwed up and show a little vulnerability. And secondly, she has to show she is willing to make amends.”


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The prosecution in Miller’s case claimed she attempted to conceal $750,000 in revenue from bankruptcy creditors and that she smuggled $120,000 in Australian dollars into the US following a national dance tour here with her young co-stars in 2014.

She pleaded guilty to these charges last year. Along with her sentence, Miller has been fined $40,000 and will be on probation for two years following her release from prison.


Article originally appeared in The Daily Telegraph by Mercedes Maguire