According to a new book soon to be released, the real power behind the presidential throne of Barack Obama’s White House is Michelle Obama.

In The Obamas, writer Jodi Kantor, a respected New York Times reporter,   draws on interviews with 33 current and former White House insiders to  depict an administration riven by in-fighting during its first two years. Mrs. Obama fought for influence with former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, and was corrected on protocol by then White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.

According to Kentor, the president “who felt guilty about the sacrifices his wife was making, was unwilling to tell her what she could not do… so Gibbs took on the task”, the book discloses. He became an “internal enforcer of the rules of the political world, issuing a steady stream of warnings and no’s”.

Mr Gibbs told her she could not tack a private holiday on to a state visit, lavish money on redecoration or send heavily on designer outfits.

The insights reveal that behind the charming and always elegant first lady is a steadfast supporter of the President and his personal brand to the point that away from the public eye she constantly clashes with top aides over everything from tactics on health care reform to her taste in designer clothes.

If you were ever suspicious on how Barack Obama made it to the top so quickly, its possible to now also speculate that the influence power of his wife Michelle’s chutzpah has made a huge impact.