Australian Prime Minister Gillard is refusing to concede her leadership, but behind the scenes much talk is taking place about who will take over?

The Labor Party  brand is being trashed and according to Amanda Vanstone in The Age, “Labor under Gillard is polling much lower than it ever was under Rudd.  If their polling  spooked Labor MPs  into guillotining Rudd,  imagine how paralysed with fear they must be now.

With a uniform 6 per cent swing they would lose 27 seats. If it was 7 per cent it would become  32 seats. That’s nearly half of their team, who, rightly or wrongly, think they are going to lose their job because of Gillard’s leadership.

Add to the ones worried about losing their seats another bunch who are worried about losing their ministry, or what they’ll get in a shuffle.

Some will already be  looking for other jobs, others  thinking of retiring, and all  will be wondering how to get out of this mess. And they will not be doing it alone. The informal chatting, the odd invitation to dinner . . . it is all going on.

People who otherwise might never share a meal, a drink or a friendly word will come together to survive. As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows.”

Gillard’s colleagues know that people are more influenced by what they see than what they hear, and the government is presenting an image of failure

The contenders on display make up an interesting line up. Who do you think rates as a potential new leader?