Experts say AFL footballer Ivan Maric’s distinctive hairstyle could be a real money spinner.

By Aaron Langmaid

5 June 2012, Herald Sun

IT’S contemporary football’s most unfashionable hairdo – but it could make rising Tiger Ivan Maric millions.

Years after the last mulleted player left the turf, the Richmond ruckman has resurrected the fashion faux pas and ignited a new brand for Tigerland.

Insiders are said to be considering merchandising Maric’s long locks as the fans lap up Richmond’s long awaited surge towards the finals.

Maric’s scissor snub, initially a pact with former teammate Taylor Walker, could now land him lucrative sponsorships.

Experts say Maric, 26, had been making his mark on the field – but it was his increasing influence on the fabric of the club that could also be priceless for diehard supporters.

Image Group International chief executive Jon-Michail said Maric shouldn’t cut his crop.

“At this point it’s a winning formula, fans are loving it,” Jon-Michail said.

“He has to perform on the field, but it’s essential he brands himself off it. He is doing that.”

Jon-Michail said that while a mullet haircut was representative of the average Aussie yobbo, Maric was anything but.

“He’s the opposite,” Jon-Michail said.

It was in Richmond’s interests to maximise that and see how it could make hay from his popularity. Hair product deals were an obvious option but Maric’s rising status could pay off for any brand willing to sign him, Jon-Michail said.

Cheer squad member Eddie Smith has been wearing a mullet wig to every game this season and says fans love what Maric has brought to the club.

Tiger fans fearing Maric might lose his mullet can relax.

“My plan is to keep it long-term,” he said.

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