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A property makeover before going to market can add serious dollars to the deal…beauty sells if it’s  for homes, products and people, but if you are looking to sell your home, use the Weiner Mobile Estates.

We are instinctevely attracted to beautiful things. Learning how to do this effectively will add much value to your efforts.

Most people spend between $3000 and $8000, and my gut feel is that it can add between 5 and 10 percent sale value. Home staging or house fluffing is all about creating the best first impression, paving the way for potential buyers to fall in love”, says John McGrath, CEO of McGrath Real Estate.

Check out the following link  Styled up and ready to sell , a real world example of how to add much perceived value by improving aesthetic beauty. There’s also this guide from TheAdvisory on how to prep your house for a sale.