Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs for Career Success
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There are several aspects and secret ingredients that go into establishing a successful entrepreneurial business. But more importantly, it’s the hard work, resilience, consistency, alongside instinct, helps retain a business. So imagine what would happen if the leader of the business, instead of leading, is lost in themselves or the needs of the organisation. He/She/They will fail as both themselves and as a business.

Years of research have proven that Client-business relationships, stakeholder management strategies, etc., help determine a business’s growth and worth. In addition, a company is driven and known by its lead entrepreneur’s personal brand, values, purpose, and passion for driving their business in the market. Hence, there is a growing need to understand and build one’s Entrepreneurial Personal Brand.

Like everything in life, it is always ideal to have a trained branding coach to help steer you in the right direction. Entrepreneurs and Leaders could gain significant growth in their business and themselves with the help of a personal branding coach. Coaching helps entrepreneurs to unlock their true potential in a short period. Coaching opens the entrepreneur to envision other missions through calibrating all their passions with their values, personality, and purpose. 


Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs for Career Success
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But, What is personal brand coaching exactly? how does it work? and how will it help grow your business exponentially? We have illustrated the benefits using two recent success stories of budding entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs Yoth Dumrongpol and Deborah Mackie from Australia who consulted with our Founder and Personal Branding coach -Mr. Jon Michail.


What is Personal Brand Coaching? 

Our personal and business branding coaching approach unlocks the hidden and unexplored potential in you and assists to lead you and your business to thrive in an ever-changing and dynamic business environment. Given the recent economic turmoil and fragile growth prospects, post-Covid, we currently have the ideal time to consider branding experts while finding new ways to grow and create solutions for people and their problems.

But these qualities are not only limited to them. We all can utilise our qualities and attributes by fully becoming aware of ourselves. Being aware, assertive, and empathetic towards oneself is the first step to enriching the lives of others through solutions. 

Two Success Stories of Personal Branding Coaching 

To understand the difference a personal branding coach brand coach can make, here are the success stories of our recent client’s Yoth Dumrongpol and Deborah Mackie’s coaching experience.

The Story of Yoth Dumrongpol 

Yoth Dumrongpol, an experienced Mechanical Engineer for more than 10 years, reached out to us as he wanted to build a solid personal brand and gain clarity on taking it to the next level. Yoth met Jon in Melbourne, Australia, soon after his first message. 

Yoth’s “out of the box” thinking, risk-taking spirit, and outstanding professionalism showed his passion for science and technology. Yoth had an intrapreneurial mindset which affected his ambition to have a solid personal brand as an engineering professional in Australia. 

As Yoth shared his experience, he said, “Meeting Jon was a game-changer for me. I went to Jon for one thing, but in our work together, we quickly identified areas to work on that I hadn’t realised needed work; like communication and negotiation strategies, political savviness, and how to win the game. I got so much out of our sessions. Some great life and business lessons. Many of which gave me a deeper insight into who I am.” 

Yoth worked as a Lead project engineer at Origin Energy and has now, post the coaching sessions, has taken on new responsibilities as a Lead Mechanical Engineer at Beach Energy Ltd. The right Coach has the power to change your career’s narrative through innovative actions and clarity over essential matters, which is well evidenced in his case. 

Introducing Deborah Mackie 

Deborah Mackie approached our office to understand and build her luxury travel blog – Deborah Mackie International. She was unsure about navigating to elevate her career as a travel writer and share her exciting travel experiences with a broader audience. Deborah aspired to build a strong brand and shift towards being a ‘Travelpreneur’. She met Jon and consulted with him about the issues she faced.

Through practical strategies, authentic communication, and taking action Deborah unravelled the important details that she had failed to seriously recognise. Deborah’s analytical mind, observational acuteness, and creative soul naturally attracted people towards her. She could not always recognise this due to the chaos of various differing opinions around her on building her dream career. 

As Deborah says, “His (Jon’s) expertise and mentoring is not confined to any one profession or activity – it was completely irrelevant that he was personally not an expert in travel writing; he is an expert in helping you achieve.” With our coaching services, she found the path of clarity and the prosperity of Deborah Mackie International to fulfill her dream of becoming a travelpreneur. 

But why should you consider personal branding coaching?

Why You Need to Consider Personal Brand Coaching? 

Personal Brand coaching has several benefits and getting guidance from an expert will help you achieve your dreams quicker. There are many shadow sides to our personality that we fail to see in ourselves. These shadows hide in plain sight, but we are blind-sighted to see them.

Identifying and focusing on the most important things 

A personal branding coach helps you find the right balance by asking deep and meaningful questions about life, relationships, and networks. They want to derive a set of core values and personality attributes to orient your disoriented self back into the center and then into the game.

Spotting your weak and blind sides 

You are surrounded by information influx and especially with your phone buzzing with constant notifications. A personal branding coach assists you with guidance to narrow down and target spots that you might miss. Identifying your weak and blind spots better immunes you from future threats and prepares you to understand yourself better.

Adapting to a competitive edge 

A personal branding coach is like a friend you wished you had when you were a child. You want to earn and invest your time and effort in building an adaptive self for its environment, mindset, and learning. You invest in your future.

Abundance of wealth in your business 

When a personal branding coach helps you with aspects of your core values, personality, and purpose, you stack the odds in your favour to succeed in life. You have invested your time, energy, and effort into building a legacy.

Becoming an influential personality among your community 

Do you see yourself as a leader? Do you want to have an influence on people and become a source of inspiration? Then, you already have an answer. A personal branding coach will help you decide what, when, and where to utilise your capabilities and gather the best results.


Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs for Career Success
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As Carol Dweck, an American psychologist and the author of the best-selling book, Mindset said,

“In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening. So rather than thinking, oh, I’m going to reveal my weaknesses, you say, wow, here’s a chance to grow.”

Carol Dweck

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