re·spect: the condition of being esteemed or honored: to be held in respect.

When you are a president of an AFL club, you have been bestowed the responsibility to act and behave in a certain manner if you are to have the esteem of your members, staff, stakeholders and the community.

Therefore it was a bit rich for James Brayshaw, President of North Melbourne Football Club, to have a go at the Herald Sun recentlywhen he said “the president of a football club should be afforded respect” and not acknowledging why he himself at times has projected the opposite, notwithstanding been mostly on a television show as a presenter. Respect must be earned and if you have followed Brayshaw’s dress up antics on The Footy Show in the last few years, the conclusion would be that by the way he has at times presented himself, he has demonstrated many ways that a president of an amateur country footy club would be letting their organisation down let alone an AFL club. The President’s role is to LEAD and behave in a manner that attracts respect, not to downgrade his personal, club and AFL brand.