Modern day politicians are a new breed from anything in the past.

The new way of the world through the power of the 24 hour news cycle has created a monster that must be fed to be kept alive: and our pollies are the feeders. We always knew that the concept of a “Career Politician” was a  new and dangerous phenomenon, however the evidence now clearly shows that politics has become an excellent professional choice for many “careerists” due to its numerous security benefits (power,status, income, superannuation etc). The spin will only get more and more advantageous to support politician’s and their handler’s self-interest and re-election. The temptation to use taxpayer funds to support their  career aspirations will continue to grow as part of the political game to win at all costs.

Once upon a time politicians were elected because they actually did something of value in their “past lives” and eventually reached a stage where they felt they could contribute something of similar or greater value our community. Today however we are getting many elected pollies who are hiding behind a pitch that is a facade full of questionable past successes. When it comes to the crunch many are shown to be full of hot air and bluster ,no better than the politicians they critised from the hastings before they got elected.No wonder spin doctoring is a booming profession and government increasingly  is hiring more and  more of these folk to spruik their wares.

If we are to change this trend as a society then we must first recognise that the spin and misinformation we are constantly fed does limited good to us, the citizens, and unless we speak up against this ever-growing disease it will further engulf  us and erode our trust in the whole political process. Sadly this outcome would only be a reflection of all of us as a community hence my belief that it’s  still possible to shift this negative direction. The recent election results in England and Australia indicate to an extent that voters are sick and tired of being taken for a ride.

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