Iran with the most negative image

Almost 29,000 people worldwide were asked to rate the positive and negative influence of 16 major nations in a poll conducted by BBC World Service in conjunction with Globescan/PIPA.

Of the 27 countries polled, 24 were positive towards Germany, followed by England, Canada and Japan, while Iran, Pakistan and Mexico, have overall negative views. The US came in seventh before China.

A spokesperson for Globescan, the company that carried out the survey, said: “To some degree everyone has done better this year – a reversal of the trend last year when the economic crisis affected ratings.” He said Germany continued to benefit from its reputation as a wealthy nation. “In terms of lifestyle and its high-quality products, Germany has a successful image and doesn’t have the baggage that countries like the US and China have, which can be seen as culturally controversial.”

The three most negatively viewed countries saw their average ratings drop significantly.

Iran was bottom of the poll with the highest negative rating higher since last year; North Korea and Pakistan’s negative ratings were also higher especially in the west.