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By Peter Rolfe and Katrina Stokes

Short skirts are in at the MCC with the exclusive club opting against a specific policy to restrict women’s hem heights at MCG.

The no-nonsense Melbourne Cricket Club has ruled out a short skirt ban at the Boxing Day Test, despite a push to ban bare legs at the a Adelaide Oval. South Australian women are being forced to pass the “finger test” to gain entry to cricket in Adelaide with security staff asking female members to hold their arms to their sides, with their hands flat to their thighs.

If the hem of the female’s dress, skirt or shorts, is higher than the tip of their fingers, they are being warned about their dress choice or refused entry.

Several women wearing thigh-high skirts, dress and shorts were refused entry as part of a push to confine fine leg to the sporting field.

But the MCC is refusing to follow suit, instead relying on existing dress codes and the right to refuse entry. MCC spokesman Shane Brown said strict dress standards already applied.

“We’re quite happy with our policy as it is,” he said.

According to the MCC’s dress standard for men in the plush Long Room and Members Dining Room “a lounge suit or tailored jacket, shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes” is required and “females are expected to dress to a similar standard.”

Tennis skirts are banned in the members’ reserve, along with bikinis and bike shorts. And “leggings” or shorts are deemed “unacceptable” for ladies at the MCC but “footless tights” are acceptable “if suitable dress worn over the top.”

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Note: This article first appeared on December 23, 2012.