Next Saturday is election day in Victoria, and the spin over substance game has worked overtime –Democracy as its best! 

With over 3000 spin doctors employed by Australia’s federal and state governments (well over 700 in Victoria) it is no wonder that the public does not trust or feel compelled to be involved in the political debate. Since most of the propaganda is in the interest of wily politicians attaining power at all cost with little regard for the truth or doing what’s right-you can understand the public’s cynicism by their lack of engagement.

In my opinion, this weekend’s result is not only about who wins the election, but also whichever party triumphs the spin cycle does not continue to grow at its present rate (don’t hold your breath to see change here) because if it does, it cannot be good for democracy.

Time to end spin cycle

John Brumby the spin king of Australia

Politics pays the price as politics spins out of control