FIFA Chairman – Sepp Blatter.


Fighting hard to control his emotions just hours after FIFA’s decision, Frank Lowy the usually hard-nosed businessman and Chairman of the FFA (Football Federation Australia) declared his intention to stay on and fight in what amounted to a call to arms.

 “The sun is coming up tomorrow morning,” he said speaking to the media,  “We lost a bit of turbo charge. We have to make up for it.

“I am not a man to lie down. This battle has been lost there are many many more battles to win.” said Mr Lowy as he prepared to board his jet back to Australia after the Aussie’s dissapointing loss.

It’s all in the spin says FIFA man.

You can now buy a World Cup it seems. In the recent words of one leading official:”Whether the best candidates for 2022 are going to win or not, I’m not sure. This depends more on public relations and how, as a marketing person, you sell your product.” Who said that? Executive committee member Mohamed Bin Hammam, from Qatar. Now we know the truth.

The beautiful game doesn’t need cartoon kangaroos  says Craig Foster
football analyst and former Socceroo.

What do you think of the decision?